Voluntourism Trip to Zambia- 2019′


What the 3 week trip includes!

  • Return flights*
  • Trip related ground transportation
  • Shared accommodations
  • All breakfasts and most dinners.
  • Many meals prepared and served to us, others we will cook and eat communally. Let’s braai (BBQ).
  • day & evening safaris, location to be determined by size of group and whether we go in April or August.
  • Excursion to Victoria Falls,
  • Visit a baby elephant nursery.
  • Visit Sugar Bush, a Zambian leather and textile project.
  • 11 days volunteering on the SEEDS projects in Mongu with ample breaks for our mini excursions.
  • stay at SEEDS B&B-Mongu-Mulopo Flats http://sendseedstoafrica.org/seeds-b-b-mongu-mulopo-flats/


  • NOT INCLUDED-alcohol, single upgrades, additional taxis or meals and discretionary spending.
  • Must provide own travel health insurance.
  • Flight cancellation insurance is advised.

*price is not guaranteed and will rise the longer one waits to book.


Where in Zambia?

This “ voluntourism” trip will start and end in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.

After arriving in Lusaka we will stay at Kilimanjaro Country Lodge for two nights with its spacious outdoor restaurant, pool and beautiful grounds with live ponies.

After a restful sleep in the most comfortable beds in which you have ever slept, and a full complimentary breakfast, we will go to a Lilayi baby elephant nursery and then to the Sugar Bush Farm & Cafe and The Jackal & Hide African Gift Store featuring African made textiles & a lot more . Then early to bed as we will be up at 6am to take the air conditioned bus to Mongu, Western Province, Zambia to work on the projects with SEEDS.

We will stay at SEEDS B & B Mongu-Mulopo Flats where we will be doing the volunteer work for 10 days and then off to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls for 3 nights and enjoy a walk with the Rhinos.

After Livingstone we will take the bus back to Lusaka, stay overnight and then catch the flight back to Toronto that afternoon.


Some volunteer duties could be:

  1. plant vegetable seeds in our garden
  2. paint signs
  3. build raised garden beds
  4. dig compost pits
  5. bring black soil from flood plain
  6. plant tree seedlings in community
  7. plant tree seeds in planting bags
  8. build a fence around nursery
  9. design & implement projects
  10. take turns cooking meals
  11. grocery shop
  12. teach children & adults
  13. arrange BBQ night with Farmers


There are so many ways you could contribute:


  • help children practice English.
  • read and bring books on gardening/permaculture to share with adults & children.
  • save and bring seed catalogues with pictures as a reference.
  • plan a craft with children.
  • organize an art, music, drama, sports event with local children.
  • build counter tops, cupboards for seed storage.
  • construct a simple vegetable trellis.
  • teach a skill like sewing or knitting.
  • Be creative-think of your own contribution.


Join us to help people, the environment and elephants.

The projects you will be volunteering with are “The Silozi Seed Bank” and “Trees For Elephants”

Have a question or wish to inquire, go to our “Contact Us” page in the main menu or email joanne@sendseedstoafrica.org.

Applicants must fill out the application form first and email it to joanne @sendseedstoafrica.org and we will get back to you!
Tip: Want to print the Application Form? Download the printer-friendly version here.

Click the link to download the brochure.


Space is limited so hope to hear from you soon!