Bucket Drip Irrigation Systems



Bucket Drip Irrigation System

The following instructions for setting up a bucket drip irrigation system in Africa.

Location of Bucket

Make a stand with two posts and crossbar or hang the bucket from a tree.

The bottom of the bucket must be at least 1m (3.3 feet) above the ground. Place crossbar higher if bucket is suspended.

Set up bucket at one end of the garden; if the garden is not level, place bucket at the high end.


source: bucket detail from chaplin living waters


Preparing Garden

Make raised beds of soil 1m (3.3 ft) wide, 15cm (6 in) high, and 7.5m (25 ft) long for 4 rows; If the garden extends into the rainy season, raised beds allow for water runoff by making trenches between each mound.

Dig a 30cm-deep (12 in) trench down the middle of the area where the bed will be.

Place organic matter (banana leaves, grass, maize stalks) in trench.

Cover organic matter with manure or compost (40 liters (10 gal) per 7.5m (25 ft) row).

Pour several buckets of water (40 liters per 7.5m row) over manure/compost.

Fill trench with soil and level off, making bed 15cm (6 in) high, straight, and flat.

Break up large clods of soil so that drip hose lies flat.

Proceed with setting up bucket drip system which should last 5-7 years, if taken care of.

We at seeds will be using our own system and will bring back pictures after our visit to Zambia in April 2014.

The following is just a sample so you can get the idea and source the materials where you live.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve put together some photos to illustrate how bucket drip irrigation works.


source: chaplin living waters


source: www.chapinlivingwaters.org/


For Another great source with video click the following link