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Volunteer Opportunities to help SEEDS in Toronto!

SEEDS is looking for volunteers in Toronto to assist with our rapid growth. Training will be provided with all of these positions but interest and knowledge of the various volunteer positions would be an asset. Self motivated individuals who require little supervision are best suited to these opportunities.

Garage Sales Clerk

– SEEDS has a permanent Garage Sales Store where by items are donated from the local community and sold in the store at 1 Browning Ave., Toronto, M4K 1V7.  We need sales clerks to volunteer at the store. Hours are flexible and we have a few volunteers so you may switch shifts with other volunteers. We place Ads on Kijiji and Craigs list to advertise. We arrange for drop off or pick up of items, placing posters in area advertising our Garage Sales Store. Leftover items will be donated to Diabetes Canada. Contact joanne@sendseedstoafrica.org for more details or click on the link below.

SEEDS Garage Sales

AdGrants Co-ordinator

– SEEDS has been awarded $10,000.00/mth in Google ads. The qualified co-ordinator would be responsible for writing up the short, three sentence campaigns. I.e. DONATE TO SEEDS, SEEDS YARD SALES, SEEDS AT THE CANADIAN ORGANIC GROWERS CONFERENCE, GIVE seeds to SEEDS at CHRISTMAS, ETC.

Video editor and Youtube Co-ordinator

–this position would require knowledge of Apple I-Movie to edit existing video taken in Zambia. Film video in Toronto and manage all video on the SEEDS You Tube web site.

Seedy Saturdays & Sundays Co-ordinator

– The person who qualifies for this position would research when and where the Seedy Sat. & Sun. are held in the GTA. Then co-ordinate people to man the SEEDS table at these events. These events usually start in February each year and run to the end of May but not every week end.

Corporate Sponsorship Co-ordinator

– The person in this position would be provided with a list of potential businesses who could help SEEDS. They would then send a letter explaining, “ What we do at SEEDS” and request a monetary or “Gift in kind” to SEEDS. This person would work closely with the President of SEEDS to determine what items SEEDS would need, as they would change. I.E. office supplies for Toronto & Mongu Offices, Fuel, computers, cell phone, digital cameras, etc.

Instagram Co-Ordinator

– This position would require knowledge of Instagram to set up regular postings.

Education Co-ordinator

– This person would be responsible for getting the word out about SEEDS. SEEDS is a charity, but one of our main goals is to educate adults & children about the importance of saving our seed diversity world wide. SEEDS is against Genetically Modified Organisms. We are advocates of organic farming using natural pest control and permaculture. Making connections with like -minded groups will educate us at SEEDS and make them aware of “What we do at SEEDS” as well. Contacting schools, churches and other groups to arrange presentations would also be one of the duties.

Permaculture Co-ordinator

– SEEDS needs to do more research about permaculture and document pertinent information to be added to our web site. Especially permaculture that is relevant in Zambia Africa. This information will be passed onto the rest of the Toronto team and then the Zambian team.

Web Master

– SEEDS requires someone to update our web site working closely with the President of SEEDS. An interest in writing blogs is helpful. Sending out our bi-weekly newsletter. Adding video and new content.

Master Gardeners

– This position does not require that you have a gardening certificate, just an interest in learning. This position would be suitable for someone who would like to pursue a career in gardening or farming. As we send new seeds to Zambia, we need to place the “How to Grow” description for those seeds on our web site with the simplest explanation possible.

Volunteers Co-ordinator

– This person would be responsible for recording all of the volunteers hours and doing up the schedule for all volunteers positions. Good organizational skills are an asset. Contacting various restaurants, ice cream shops, and businesses large and small to ask for donations for our volunteers would be required as well. Sending thank you letters to those who provided gifts would also be required.

Volunteer Saver

– There are many small ways you could help SEEDS that would make a HUGE impact. You could save washed, clear milk bags, unused return envelopes, NON-GMO fruit and vegetable seeds. Contact SEEDS via our web site, www.sendseedstoafrica.org or email joanne@sendseedstoafrica.org. and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.
You could also “Host your own fundraiser for SEEDS” Host your own Yard Sale, dinner, skate or pool party. Or what ever event you can think of as long as it is safe and fun!

Contact SEEDS for help planning your event. A tax-deductible receipt will be provided for any monetary funds donated to SEEDS.