Merry Christmas 2022

Our new Manager Lungowe at The Silozi Seed Bank & Trees for Elephants in Barotseland Zambia has gathered some of our volunteers and recipients to send a Christmas wish to Canada. They have received a portion of the 6.5 million seeds we have sent since 2011.

Thank you to all who have helped us make this possible with your gracious donations.

Socio-Economic and Environmental Development Solutions(SEEDS).

Merry Christmas 2022
Like Father-Like Daughter

Our wonderful manager Fredrick is retiring and passing the reins to his talented daughter Lungowe. Enjoy your retirement my friend!

Love those smiles! Joanne xo

About the Author
Joanne Hutchinson: Is the Founder and President of Registered Canadian Charity #801572736RR0001, Socio-Economic And Environmental Development Solutions (SEEDS) and manages SEEDS Garage Sales store in Toronto. With 40 years experience in medical, restaurant and business management Joanne is on her third career running her charity (SEEDS). Joanne was raised part time on a farm in Ontario Canada which has provided a lifelong love of animals and concern for the environment. She has always wanted a farm, but didn't expect it to be in Zambia Africa. Funny how things turn out when you have a dream!

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